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Convenience in the palm of your hands. Just pin the location, request a car and book it. Wait for the driver’s arrival, get in as we take you to your location and pay your fare. Easy as that.

Go, we got you covered

Going to work or school, casually decided to drop by a mall to shop, traveling and needs to be at the airport, or just simply up for a night out with your friends? You name it because Go Lag’s at your service and got you covered.

Go from Practical to High-end

We got the car of your choice ranging from Sedans to SUVs. It’s up to you. You can be practical and set foot to your destination or prepare for a special occasion or even just the idea of living life at your utmost convenience and lavishness.

Drive forward. For those that matters to you.

You are in control of your own goal on where you want to drive, how you want it to go and set your own quota. Because there’s no other person who knows you more than you do. Manage your time in your own convenience

Start and grow with us

Here in Go Lag everyone matters, we create such environment that will extend and create blessings to you and your family — both big and small

We’ve already reached 60000+

App users upon our Beta testing! Install it now, book and ride and be part of our growing number.

A much more secure, safe and, easy way to travel around the South. Whether it is about spending time with your family, going to a vacation or just simply taking a break from your 9-to-5 busy schedule. We are always here to help you get there.

We offer rides not just around Laguna, but also from Manila to Laguna or vice versa.

Are you in for a quick stroll around the mall or a spontaneous movie theatre bonding. From your “on the way to” to your “on the way home” Go lag has got your back! Install now and experience a carefree ride. Qualities on us!


Our Guarantee

Rides on tap

With 95% coverage across the Laguna Area, you can be on your way in just a few minutes.

Click and Go

With our 95% coverage across the Laguna Area, you can be on your way with a click in just a few minutes.

Safe and Secure

Of course, our 4.8 out of 5.0 ratings did not just come from our quality service but also with the security and safeness we promote because our drivers undergo two types of background checks upon application.

A Ride for your Budget

Whether you need a ride that will carry the whole family, your friends or just you. Compare and choose the ride for your budget, may it be for practical or luxury use. The ETAs of every destination is right up front.

Here’s how to book and ride!

Install it now!

Get our app for free! Golag is available on both the App Store or Google Play .After installing, simply open our app and start by creating an account!

Book it!

Simply pin and enter your location and choose the car and ride of your choice. Once clicked, the price and ETA will be shown at your screen.

Be informed and Get Going!

We will let you see our driver’s picture and vehicle detail. You can also locate and see where the driver is coming from and if he or she is on his or her way.